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I'm such a patriot... [07 Jan 2010|07:18am]
Probably stating the obvious here, but the healthcare system in the US sucks a big one. And the "reform" package doesn't help all that much, but I suppose it's a somewhat positive thing that they've at least attempted something. People are just so selfish, and downright stupid in this country sometimes. Honestly, if I had the means to, I would move out of this country pretty fast. There are a lot of countries that I'd rather live in, and not just because of the healthcare thing (that would be dumb). Pretty much all the other English-speaking countries, and most of the other european countries, for instance. Also, there tend to be a lot less people who are religiously idiotic in those places. Which isn't to say I "hate the USA" or anything, because there are plenty of things about here that I like, and a lot of people here I like too (although the people I'm likely to get along with in the states are a minority, the large population here means that there are a lot of them, unfortunately spread out amongst the annoying types). Of course, the bill of rights is a good thing, even though it's frequently trampled on and disregarded. And I would certainly admit it's better than "most" countries, but the thing is most countries are 3rd world shitholes. Compared to most western/industrialized countries it kinda sucks. But yeah, whenever I hear people doing their stupid "USA is the bestest country in the whole wide world" thing, all I can think is "wow you need to get out more" and/or "maybe if you're an idiot with a huge blindspot, or a very rich person who would probably be extremely comfortable any place." Anyway, yeah, don't take this too seriously, I'm just venting, but seriously if I could I'd probably be outta here...
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Writer's Block: The Evolution of My Internet [05 Dec 2009|06:04pm]
How has the Internet evolved to meet your needs since you started using it?

When I first started using the internet (in the early 90s), the world wide web wasn't around, everything was much much smaller bandwidth and in number of users, but it still was plenty of fun and somewhat useful. Obviously things slowly got more advanced and larger and now it's almost an essential tool of everyday life (well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but practically true). One of the things that I can think of which has really "evolved to meet my needs" is the increased bandwidth and filesharing capabilities. I used to do a lot of tape trading overseas before that (mostly for UK tv shows, and I'd record stuff for people over there too - I had the prized possession of a multisystem vcr), and starting around the turn of the century (that sounds strange to say - I of course mean circa 1999-2000) that became not really needed as you could just download/upload stuff. Also the whole ecommerce thing has advanced greatly. I miss the ridiculous coupons though (early days you could get coupons from places like amazon, and some other now defunct sites, which effectively made stuff just about free - bad business model but awesome if you're buying)!
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linking like a hot link (?)! [03 Dec 2009|04:09am]
Oh yes, I just remembered I'd said if I had anything somewhat interesting to say I'd make a post here, and I'm not sure this really qualifies, but I thought I might as well put up a link to an article I wrote which went up not too long ago at Popshifter. It's about the great UK comedy act, Reeves and Mortimer. It's written mostly for those who might not be familiar with their work, and/or UK pop culture stuff. There are a bunch of UK-related articles in this issue, and they're all worth checking out (as well as the regular articles/reviews/etc. - it's a neat site).

Anyway, if you're interested, Clickety-Click Here!
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Oh, yeah, LiveJournal! [27 Nov 2009|04:53am]
Oh yes, I'm still around in fact, as some (most?) of you will know via my facebook and/or occaisonal twitterings. I'd almost forgotten about LJ, which is kind of sad and something I really shouldn't do, as people (when they post) tend to write long, more meaningful, posts here (well, sometimes). So yeah, um, just checking in I guess! I don't have any interesting blog topics to think of off the top of my head right now, but if/when I do, I'll at least mirror them to LJ as I've neglected it far too long (and this includes not reading other people's stuff for the last few months at least too, which I'll have to start doing again)...
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Writer's Block: Life of the Party [21 Jul 2009|08:58pm]
Do you know any party tricks that can impress a crowd? Or even just a little kid?

I don't think it would impress many, but I can breath fire and eat fire (mind you, I'm not an expert in either of these things, and neither are particularly safe to do if you're an amateur, so I'd really have to want to "impress" people or be very very bored to do either)...
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Writer's Block: When I Was Young [23 Jun 2009|08:25pm]
What do you miss most about being a kid?

Getting a kid discount on heroin! Ok, that never happened...
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Writer's Block: Close Call [24 May 2009|12:11am]
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?

Many many years ago I fell off a 30ft. cliff while skiing (ie, wasn't jumping, accidentally lost traction and fell off the mountain) and hit a few trees on the way down, before coming to rest a few feet from the edge of another, much larger cliff. A minor-ish leg sprain or tendon tear or something like (don't remember exactly) which required crutches for about a week and a little dent in one of my shin bones were all that happened to me. I was very lucky. I haven't been skiing since (although, actually, it sounds like fun sort of, um providing I were to take it easy). About a month later, while hiking, I fell off another cliff and hit a tree only a few feet down, and held onto it while someone helped me up. That time it was all rocks below (probably a 50ft. drop or so) and likely it would have been splat.
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Writer's Block: Word for Word [20 May 2009|10:31pm]
How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?

Many. I'm not sure how many. There are several dozen songs that I've written myself (or with someone else) over the years, and I probably remember most of those (some maybe not). Also, just songs I like - there must be at least a hundred or so that I could recite every word to right now if I wanted to. I'm kind of a sponge-like person when it comes to music, I remember a lot of songs (sometimes ones I wish I could forget!)...
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Writer's Block: Same Name [18 May 2009|06:20pm]
Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?

Hahaha, yeah right...
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on thee twitter [07 May 2009|03:42am]

(don't expect anything too exciting, mind you)
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what's what is what, or something [06 May 2009|10:57pm]
[ mood | squelchy? ]

Yet again I have been neglecting lj. Oh well, business as usual I suppose. So what have I been up to lately? Heh, nothing earth-shatteringly exciting. Continuing my excercise / get healthier regime, with diligence and some success (it's been a little over 2 months now and I've lost a little over 30 pounds - so not bad, although I have a lot more to lose - I gained a lot of weight in the last few years, and even back then I was still a good 20 or 30 pounds or so overweight, but hey I'm at least close to halfway where I would be ok with). By the fall I should be done with the "losing weight" part of it, but the exercise and eating healthier (well really just keeping track of what I do eat, and not eating things which are both not good for me and I don't enjoy enough to really justify) will continue forever. Also, been doing music lately. And I'll probably even share some of it with people who are interested (and possibly even people who aren't) in the not too distant future. Really. So that's something new. Well, at least new for the last, oh 5 or 6 years. Due to my lameness on lj, I haven't replied to anyone's posts lately either, and there are probably a few that I'd like to so perhaps I should do that. I'm on facebook all the time nearly though (if we're freinds on here and you're also on facebook, but we're not "friends" on there you should add me or something). Also, what's this business about dreamwidth? I suppose that's something I'll have to sign up for now too, along with the damn twitter. Ok, fine, I will submit to the prevailing trends in internet technology. With pleasure. Or something...

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eastie beastie... [12 Apr 2009|04:49pm]
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update-tate-tate-tate.... [27 Mar 2009|03:06pm]
So, I've been a bit absent on lj lately (well, obviously). Had some anxiety problems lately, which until recently I was using some xanax to help with, but having run out of it I think I've had some withdrawal problems of late too (although I think it's getting better). Anyway, one of the things I've been up to the last month is a pretty dedicated weight loss plan. I've been counting my calories and actually paying attention to the kind of stuff I eat (!) and execising pretty much every day for an hour or more. It's been about 3 and a half weeks since I started, and so far I've lost 15 or 16 pounds. Which is pretty dang good, but due to the amount of weight I've gained over the last several years only is a small dent in what I need to lose. I know the rate of weight loss will probably decrease over time, but if I stick with it (and I'm determined that I will) I should be able to reach my goal by September. I should be able to be around the same weight I was 3 or 4 years ago by July I'm guessing (which wasn't near my ideal, but at least wasn't grossly unhealthy). I've already had to get some new jeans so I must be doing something right! In another month or two a bunch of clothes which haven't fit me for the last year or two should be fitting again too, so it's pretty much all good news. Anyway, yeah I've been a bit obsessed with this, but I think it's a good thing for now. This is different than other half-assed attempts I've made over the last couple years, and I'm sure I'm gonna stick with it this time. I'm not really "dieting" per se, I'm basically trying to change my overall eating habits for good, and I think I'm suceeding, plus doing the exercise. Anyway, enought about that. Otherwise, not a whole lot has been going on, although I've got some more firm plans for what I'm gonna do, specifically how I'm gonna get back to WA for good / finish my degree as soon as I can realistically. Surprisingly (ok, not), it involves getting off my ass and working, and not being so stupid when it comes to life's practicalities. So, all in all, I think things are looking more promising for me, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that's the case (which is of course the only way that's gonna work)...
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nothing wrong with this [04 Feb 2009|05:20pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Just wanted to say that I love you all. Unless you're a spambot or something. And no, I'm not drunk. Just maybe in a bit of a reflective mood, and missing people (a lot of people), and wishing there were simpler ways of communicating the things that are really important. I'd like to do more updates here (not that I consider my lack of regular updates to be a big deal or anything), but I don't want everything to be memes and whatnot either, and there's not a whole lot that might be interesting to other people that's going on in my life right now otherwise. So as a kind of thought experiment, if I were to die tomorrow and I needed to update my lj (which is an absurd idea, but hey) what would I say? Just that I appreciate anyone who's taken the time to read my words, no matter how banal or insignificant they've been, an that I love everyone who has extended the hand of friendship to me (be it a digital hand or flesh and bone), and I hope that doesn't sound too maudlin. If I were writing this in a paper journal, it would probably be even more maudlin and emotional. And I try very hard in my life to be rational and even minded in all things, I think that's probably the way I've changed the most in my life in the last couple years especially and believe me that's a good thing, but then again there's never anything wrong with expressing good thoughts towards people, it's important. Anyway, enough with this drivel - next time I'll post something silly. ;) I hope you're all well... :)

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A Survey Meme [27 Jan 2009|01:07am]
Yes, it's a survey meme thing, which contains largely boring answers from me, but hey what else do you have to do? (ok, probably a lot, but I obviously don't)

click for all the excitementCollapse )
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The (Not Talking) Heads - Damage I've Done [17 Jan 2009|08:49pm]
I'd never seen this video before, thought it was pretty good and interesting, and in light of the interview I posted about (last post) with Johnette Napolitano (who was also the singer for The Heads, at least on this track, and I believe some live shows) I thought I'd link/embed it here. It kind of makes me wish they'd done some more stuff (although to be fair, it totally was not the Talking Heads, and they probably would have been better off with a different band name altogether, but still)...

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Interview with Johnette Napolitano [17 Jan 2009|03:16pm]
It's been a while (once again) since I posted here, but I thought I should let people know about an interview I did for revme's site with Johnette Napolitano, formerly of Concrete Blonde. Also, my favorite singer currently alive, and basically an all-around lovely person. So yes, if you're interested, please do check it out...
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Happy New Year! [02 Jan 2009|02:53pm]
You see, I celebrate the "Ailish" New Year. I have a bad reputation for always being late with everything, so, for me, New Years fall a couple days later. So yeah, it's been 2009 for 6 minutes already (it happened this year at 2:49pm on "normal people" calendars)! Woooohooo!! Isn't anyone gonna kiss me? No? :( *crawls away*
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santa claus killing spree [26 Dec 2008|02:56am]
Several years ago, I co-wrote a song called "Santa Claus Killing Spree," which was basically a murder ballad starring Santa, for my old band when we were doing a bunch of festive songs. It was arguably funny (arguably not of course), and strangely upsetting for a couple people. Anyway, that all is besides the point - I'm mentioning this because it turns out there was a real life Santa Claus killing spree this Christmas. This one was actually quite horrific (err, seeing as it's real life), and wouldn't even had made a decent murder ballad*...

*which isn't to imply it would be "ok" if it would had. nor am i implying that the song I co-wrote was a decent murder ballad either frankly. ugh. i should shut up now...
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reflections on pain [19 Dec 2008|08:40pm]
So the shingles have been giving me some stabby pains lately, which I think is normal as they progress (they kind of burst or something a bit - anyway don't wanna go too far into the gross details). But nothing TOO bad. When I saw the doctor they asked me what the pain was like on a 1 to 10, and I said probably a 3, and I don't think it's gone much higher than four since then so no big deal. I'm pretty sure I have a higher pain tolerance than most people though. A lot of the things that have happened to me that are supposed to be painful are only mildly so in my experience. Although the worse pain I ever had, which probably would have to qualify as my 10, was the time I burned my foot with a pot of boiling water. That really was pretty excruciating for quite a while, and then a platic surgeon ended up tearing all the skin off that foot which didn't feel so great either. And it probably wasn't even the worst burn you can get (although if they get bad enough they'll burn the nerve itself, which can lead to less pain later on but far more problems overall). Because of that I definately have a lot of sympathy towards burn victims, not only do a lot of them have to deal with awful things like disfigurement, but also it hurts like hell, and it lingers on. The other thing that hurt quite a bit was sinus surgery, the second time I had it. The recovery felt like a spike being driven into my head. Still, probably only a 7 or 8 on the scale. So yeah, shingles aren't so bad I guess. Not that I'd want to have them again (sadly, I am probably likely to at some point though).

So I've pretty much just been hanging out around the house the last couple days, watching tv / stuff I've downloaded (typically more tv, a lot of the uk shows I watch, just watched this week's IT Crowd for example), and going online and generally being non-productive. Which I suppose is ok for now, heh I've got an excuse being sick (as opposed to the rest of the time of mine I waste - which is probably most of it), but I'm gonna wanna work on some more productive stuff soon too...
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