ailas (aila76) wrote,

reflections on pain

So the shingles have been giving me some stabby pains lately, which I think is normal as they progress (they kind of burst or something a bit - anyway don't wanna go too far into the gross details). But nothing TOO bad. When I saw the doctor they asked me what the pain was like on a 1 to 10, and I said probably a 3, and I don't think it's gone much higher than four since then so no big deal. I'm pretty sure I have a higher pain tolerance than most people though. A lot of the things that have happened to me that are supposed to be painful are only mildly so in my experience. Although the worse pain I ever had, which probably would have to qualify as my 10, was the time I burned my foot with a pot of boiling water. That really was pretty excruciating for quite a while, and then a platic surgeon ended up tearing all the skin off that foot which didn't feel so great either. And it probably wasn't even the worst burn you can get (although if they get bad enough they'll burn the nerve itself, which can lead to less pain later on but far more problems overall). Because of that I definately have a lot of sympathy towards burn victims, not only do a lot of them have to deal with awful things like disfigurement, but also it hurts like hell, and it lingers on. The other thing that hurt quite a bit was sinus surgery, the second time I had it. The recovery felt like a spike being driven into my head. Still, probably only a 7 or 8 on the scale. So yeah, shingles aren't so bad I guess. Not that I'd want to have them again (sadly, I am probably likely to at some point though).

So I've pretty much just been hanging out around the house the last couple days, watching tv / stuff I've downloaded (typically more tv, a lot of the uk shows I watch, just watched this week's IT Crowd for example), and going online and generally being non-productive. Which I suppose is ok for now, heh I've got an excuse being sick (as opposed to the rest of the time of mine I waste - which is probably most of it), but I'm gonna wanna work on some more productive stuff soon too...
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