ailas (aila76) wrote,

santa claus killing spree

Several years ago, I co-wrote a song called "Santa Claus Killing Spree," which was basically a murder ballad starring Santa, for my old band when we were doing a bunch of festive songs. It was arguably funny (arguably not of course), and strangely upsetting for a couple people. Anyway, that all is besides the point - I'm mentioning this because it turns out there was a real life Santa Claus killing spree this Christmas. This one was actually quite horrific (err, seeing as it's real life), and wouldn't even had made a decent murder ballad*...

*which isn't to imply it would be "ok" if it would had. nor am i implying that the song I co-wrote was a decent murder ballad either frankly. ugh. i should shut up now...
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