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nothing wrong with this

Just wanted to say that I love you all. Unless you're a spambot or something. And no, I'm not drunk. Just maybe in a bit of a reflective mood, and missing people (a lot of people), and wishing there were simpler ways of communicating the things that are really important. I'd like to do more updates here (not that I consider my lack of regular updates to be a big deal or anything), but I don't want everything to be memes and whatnot either, and there's not a whole lot that might be interesting to other people that's going on in my life right now otherwise. So as a kind of thought experiment, if I were to die tomorrow and I needed to update my lj (which is an absurd idea, but hey) what would I say? Just that I appreciate anyone who's taken the time to read my words, no matter how banal or insignificant they've been, an that I love everyone who has extended the hand of friendship to me (be it a digital hand or flesh and bone), and I hope that doesn't sound too maudlin. If I were writing this in a paper journal, it would probably be even more maudlin and emotional. And I try very hard in my life to be rational and even minded in all things, I think that's probably the way I've changed the most in my life in the last couple years especially and believe me that's a good thing, but then again there's never anything wrong with expressing good thoughts towards people, it's important. Anyway, enough with this drivel - next time I'll post something silly. ;) I hope you're all well... :)
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