ailas (aila76) wrote,

Writer's Block: Close Call

Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?

Many many years ago I fell off a 30ft. cliff while skiing (ie, wasn't jumping, accidentally lost traction and fell off the mountain) and hit a few trees on the way down, before coming to rest a few feet from the edge of another, much larger cliff. A minor-ish leg sprain or tendon tear or something like (don't remember exactly) which required crutches for about a week and a little dent in one of my shin bones were all that happened to me. I was very lucky. I haven't been skiing since (although, actually, it sounds like fun sort of, um providing I were to take it easy). About a month later, while hiking, I fell off another cliff and hit a tree only a few feet down, and held onto it while someone helped me up. That time it was all rocks below (probably a 50ft. drop or so) and likely it would have been splat.
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