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So, I've been a bit absent on lj lately (well, obviously). Had some anxiety problems lately, which until recently I was using some xanax to help with, but having run out of it I think I've had some withdrawal problems of late too (although I think it's getting better). Anyway, one of the things I've been up to the last month is a pretty dedicated weight loss plan. I've been counting my calories and actually paying attention to the kind of stuff I eat (!) and execising pretty much every day for an hour or more. It's been about 3 and a half weeks since I started, and so far I've lost 15 or 16 pounds. Which is pretty dang good, but due to the amount of weight I've gained over the last several years only is a small dent in what I need to lose. I know the rate of weight loss will probably decrease over time, but if I stick with it (and I'm determined that I will) I should be able to reach my goal by September. I should be able to be around the same weight I was 3 or 4 years ago by July I'm guessing (which wasn't near my ideal, but at least wasn't grossly unhealthy). I've already had to get some new jeans so I must be doing something right! In another month or two a bunch of clothes which haven't fit me for the last year or two should be fitting again too, so it's pretty much all good news. Anyway, yeah I've been a bit obsessed with this, but I think it's a good thing for now. This is different than other half-assed attempts I've made over the last couple years, and I'm sure I'm gonna stick with it this time. I'm not really "dieting" per se, I'm basically trying to change my overall eating habits for good, and I think I'm suceeding, plus doing the exercise. Anyway, enought about that. Otherwise, not a whole lot has been going on, although I've got some more firm plans for what I'm gonna do, specifically how I'm gonna get back to WA for good / finish my degree as soon as I can realistically. Surprisingly (ok, not), it involves getting off my ass and working, and not being so stupid when it comes to life's practicalities. So, all in all, I think things are looking more promising for me, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that's the case (which is of course the only way that's gonna work)...
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